The Blue Water Vagabond Surf Festival

September 15, 2019

View Map   Ho Hum Beach in Bellport, NY

Registration Closed

(Rain/Wave Date September 22nd)
9 am – Opening Ceremonies at Ho Hum (8 am - departure from the Bellport Marina)

$50 (plus $3.25 service fee) Entry Fee/Donation

Email us if you are interested in a family rate

Fee includes Ferry ticket

All net proceeds goes to the following charities 

Presented by The Post Morrow Foundation and
CEED (Center for Environmental Education and Discovery)

Event Festivities:

  • Surf sessions for all levels and ages 
  • Guest speakers on local environmental issues
  • Vintage surfboard exhibit with a historical talk about them
  • Food will be pot luck – so bring some for all 
  • Team based awards for the surf sessions, a beach sculpture contest, and a tug-o-war

Please visit the following for more information:
Instragram: Bluewatervagabondsurf
Email: [email protected]

Event and heat information will be emailed 24 hours prior to the event and posted to Instragram

Contest Rules and Regulations

  • This is not a traditional surf contest so there are no single winners, rather teams of surfers are competing against each other for fun.
  • Teams will be established by lottery prior to the event with an equal distribution of event categories - example:  if there are 5 kids and 5 teams, each team with have one kid.
  • There will be three judges for each heat:   One judge will be an expert surfer, one will be a local artist, and one will be an expert dancer.
  • Waves will be ranked with the criteria of looking for “The most beautiful wave and flow”.   
  • Surf heats will be 20 minutes and have 5 to 7 surfers in any one heat.
  • Top two surfers in the early round heats will proceed to the next round while collecting 150 pt for #1 and 100 pts for #2
  • Top surfer will advance in the later or final rounds.  The winner of each category will obtain 250 pts for their team.
  • The final open will consist of the winners from all the categories and the winner will receive 300 pts for 2nd place and 350 for the best wave
  • The last heat will be the Stranger Things heat - where each team volunteers one surfer to compete.  This heat will have a random lottery of vintage surfboard of which the surfer must use.  300 pts for 2nd place and 350 for the best wave
  • The team winning the beach sculpture contest will receive 200 pts and 150 pts for the runner up
  • The team winning the Tug-o-way will receive 200 pts and 150 pts for the runner up 
  • The Team that accumulates the most points will be crowned the winner of the BWVSF